Friday, May 8, 2009

Curtis Rath Candidate for At Large City Council Seat


My family and I have lived in McKinney since 1987. Before my high school graduation, I lived on 3 continents and attended 13 different schools. As the saying goes - I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!Due to job changes, we have moved away from McKinney twice, however, we have returned and McKinney has become our home.
I decided to run for City Council because I am just a regular guy who is uniquely qualified for this position: I paid my own way through college at Kansas State, where I obtained degrees in Cereal Chemistry and Food Engineering. While working full time in Chicago, I earned my MBA in Marketing from DePaul University.
I am currently the Global Business Development Director for the world's largest producer of dietary fiber, In the work place, my expertise is creating, building and leading new sales and marketing organizations to maximize efficiency and increase profitability. I am results oriented with a proven track record of bringing people with different goals, perspectives and backgrounds together into workable solutions. This same expertise is what I will bring to the table if I am elected to serve as your City Council Representative.
I am not a business owner,nor and I involved in real estate or finances. I am completely free of any potential conflict of interest. As part of the city council, I would be part of a team that is responsible for making decisions that impact peoples lives and their financial situations. I would take this responsibility very seriously, getting input from and communicating with, our citizens.
I am a leader that will listen to the people and act in the best interests the citizens of McKinney and not my own or my business associates. We need leaders that are honest and do not have hidden agendas. I have no hidden agenda I believe that our most important natural resource is our citizens. hrough this election process I have met a lot of new people and are constantly amazed at the background, enthusiasm and the willingness that people have regarding our city. We don't need consultants, we have plenty of experts right here. We need to take advantage of these talents and skills
The major goals I would pursue are the following:
Improve Communication Our city government has to accessible and transparent to our constituents. I will continue to communicate through my Blog, answering email, and through personal face to face meetings. Attract More Businesses to McKinney This is important for 2 reason; to bring more jobs to our city and to reducing the tax burden on homeowners. Maintain our Quality of Life Most of us moved to McKinney because our unique aspects (schools, open green spaces with lakes and parks, safe neighborshoods). As we grow, we need to maintain these qualities. Reaching these goals requires strong leadership that focuses on the needs of the people. Thank you for your consideration for the City Council At-Large place.
Curtis Rath
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