Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mayoral Candidate Brian Loughmiller

Loughmiller, a resident of McKinney for 20 years, is a former city council member, and former Mayor Pro Tem with extensive involvement in the community. He brings a wealth of experience in city government and is a proven,trusted leader in McKinney. Brian Loughmiller is a family law attorney in private practice. Voters interested in learning more about Brian Loughmiller's mayoral campaign can visit his website at

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At - Large City Council Candidate David Brooks

David Brooks is also another candidate for City Council in McKinney ,Texas at Large position. Brooks, a McKinney businessman for 20 years, has a long history of community and civic involvement,including serving five years as the President of the Board of Trustees at McKinney I.S.D. as well as service on the Boards of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation. He is the former CFO of Baylor University and currently the Chairman and CEO of McKinney - based Independent Bank Group, which currently operates 20 Independent Bank locations spanning across north and central Texas. David Brook's website for his At- Large council campaign is www.brooksfor

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Curtis Rath For City Council At Large, McKinney ,Texas

Curtis Rath If elected indicates his top priorities would be :
1) Partner with existing entities to bring more commercial developments to McKinney.
2) Increase communication with citizens.
3) Explore technology and other opportunities to improve the efficiency of city services without compromising public safety or quality of life.
For more information explore . Click on Dallas Morning News Voter Guide and then finally click on City Council At Large.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

League of Women Voters Mayor and Candidate Forum

April 16,2009 .- Mckinney League of Women Voters Mayor and City Council Forum and Debate. Upon arriving at the McKinney Senior Recreation Center I walked in not too sure if I was at the correct location. The great facility had many conference rooms with many of our Senior Citizens engaged in many activities and meetings. I was quickly discovered by a volunteer who waved me down and directed me to the very back of the facility where the Forum and debate was taking place. The event was just getting started and I quickly took a seat at the back of the large room. The mayor candidates and city council candidates introduced themselves and let us know a little about themselves and their goals for the city and their district. Their were about 50 people in attendance and a camera crew that were recording the event for our TV channel McKinney Vision. Questions were taken from the audience for all the candidates and the time for each answer was closely monitored. I sat there listening to the answers and hearing the detailed responses from the candidates made me realize the enormous responsiblity these candidates are taking upon themselves. Mckinney will undergo many changes and much growth in the time that these candidates are in office. When the event was over I was able to speak with a few of the candidates and let them know that I enjoyed all the information they were able to give me about themselves and their campaign. The event lasted from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. and I want to thank the League of Women Voters for putting together such a wonderfully organized forum.
Taxs and Tea. Ron and Annie Galvan hosted a party to celebrate the end of Tax Day on April 15. Their were 25 guests at our get together. We were also honored with two visitors straight off the campaign trail. Curtis Rath who is running in Mckinney,Texas for City Council at Large was able to visit with our guests and asked for their support on the upcoming election set for May 9th. George Fuller who is running for Mayor of Mckinney also stopped by for a few minutes and was also seen visiting with friends and neighbors and explaining his ideas for the city. Their were also about 15 children from the neighborhood who enjoyed hotdogs and tea as the adults visited about local politics and the Mckinney Tea Protest Party that spontaneously erupted at El Dorado and Craig Drive. Witnesses indicated a few hundred people honked their horns and waved hand made signs in support of too much taxs nationwide. Campaign Manager Tracy Rath also stopped by to visit with guests and asked for support from friends and neighbors to vote for Brian Loughmiller who is also running for Mayor of McKinney, Texas. Tracy expressed that Brian if elected will *Empower our citizens * Promote development *Enhance relationships and Encourage unity within our community. Tracy also mentioned that Brian Loughmiller will push to Shape McKinney's Future Today. I want to thanks all our neighbors and friends for coming by and making the event a wonderful gathering.