Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dennis Kucinich "Answer The Question Mr. Witness!"

David Gratzer is Nice. Dennis Kucinich is not.
By Matthew Holt

I had David Gratzer on THCB a while back. He was so nice, that it was really hard for me to get mad with him—even though his book was basically a pack of lies. He seriously suggested that the UK under Blair was NHS was going to covert into an American-type system, and he couldn’t answer why he allowed his wife to come here and be uninsured! (Of course my father the gynecologist always told me that all psychiatrists are nuts anyway).

Then last week the single payer crowd finally got to appear before a Congressional committee, and for some bizarre reason Gratzer was there too (I guess he provided balance). And the very nice David Gratzer finds that Dennis Kucinich is not quite so nice. Watch this...

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